This is us

These fine individuals form our team. Our project management team both in Barcelona, Lisbon and Madrid are specialists in managing several projects at a time and pulling the rights strings when needed. Our guides do exactly the opposite concentrating to group of clients at a time, giving their best to add value to our clients' limited time in our countries.


Kristin Andreasson

Senior Project Manager (based in Lisbon)

Kristin with her solid experience in project management in Portugal provides us a perfect solution to our Lisbon office. She has lived in Lisbon for the past twelve years and worked in the travel industry in different positions since 1997. Kristin together with Johanna form a creative and dynamic team by offering the local service our clients need in Portugal. Kristin is fluent in English, Portuguese and Swedish and also works on her Spanish.

Johanna Borg

Project Manager (based in Lisbon)

Johanna is the newest member of our experienced team in Lisbon. She is from Turku, Finland and has gained experience both at home and abroad before joining us. Johanna has lived in both Spain and Portugal during the past 7 years and finally found her home in Lisbon. Apart from her mother tongue Swedish Johanna is fluent in English, Finnish, Portuguese and Spanish.

Almira de Gispert i Llach

Project Manager (based in Madrid)

Almira brings a wealth of experience to our team in Madrid as she has been working in different positions in the travel industry over a decade. Before joining us she managed successfully worldwide projects in a major global travel services provider based in Madrid. Almira is your key contact when producing projects not only in Madrid but also in other destinations in Spain. Beside Almira's mother tongues Spanish and Catalan she is fluent in English and her new goal is to learn Swedish.


Olli Kariniemi

Managing Director (based in Madrid)

Olli moved to Barcelona in 1998 with an aim to establish Fasada Incoming. Already then he had a vision that there is need for a destination management company (DMC) specialised in Spanish cities offering the best available tailored service to corporate clients. He is the one that keeps all the pieces together and is responsible of the day-to-day running of the company. Olli has created our office infrastructure and is proud of the working tools that provide the best possible help for our staff to serve our clients. Apart from his native Finnish Olli is fluent in Catalan, English, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.

Linda Arvola

Project Manager (based in Barcelona)

Linda has gained experience in working in the travel industry both in Sweden and abroad. Additionally she is well integrated to Barcelona after having lived in the city since 2009. Linda comes from the region of Blekinge in southern Sweden. Apart from her native Swedish she also speaks English and Spanish.

Sari Lankinen

Senior Project Manager (based in Barcelona)

Sari is a senior member of our experienced and dynamic team but is the only one who has lived in both Portugal and Spain as her family worked in these countries during decades. Sari has a solid project management experience from earlier dmc positions in Finland. Apart from Finnish and Spanish Sari is fluent in English and Portuguese.

Sara Mattila

Project Manager (based in Madrid)

Sara started in Fasada Incoming Lisbon office in 2014 and has since then gained solid experience in project management. She moved recently to Madrid in order to widen further her destination knowledge. Sara is very passionate about both Spanish and Portuguese cultures and feels that she has found her home in the Iberian peninsula. Apart of her mother tongue Finnish Sara is fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish. 



Marja Simola

Accountant (based in Barcelona)

Marja has probably a longer experience of living in Barcelona than anyone else from Finland that we know of. She has been here from the 1970's and has a long experience from both the outgoing and incoming travel industry. Marja is in charge of those important money matters and she has a steel grip in our accounting to ensure the correctness of the balance sheets. She also stands as a back up to Olli when he is on the move. Marja is fluent in Catalan, Finnish, English and Spanish.

Arto Turpeinen

Operations Manager (based in Madrid)

Arto has been with us since 1999 so he is a very experienced operations specialist. He also has an ability to find availability during congresses and other complicated periods. He is a highly experienced project manager and especially productive being able to handle a large number of simultaneous projects. Arto also controls our operations during weekends. Arto is fluent in English, Finnish and Spanish.

Lilu Nissinen-Turja

Senior adviser (based in Helsinki, Finland)

Lilu has had an advistory role in our organisation since the start of our story in 1998. Without her support in the beginning Olli it is probable that Olli would have never left behind a comfortable career of a marketing professional and entered in the fascinating world of entrepeneurship.

We continuosly offer career opportunities to people who are hoping to gain experience to become professional project managers. For further details, please contact our managing director Olli Kariniemi by mail.

Finally, our security staff :-)

Eero "Elvis" Meidan Navidad

Security Officer Barcelona

Apart from keeping away all threatening males from our office Eero is also active in SoMe, you can find more about his adventures in and out of Fasada by following him in Facebook by clicking here (requires login to Facebook).

MariLoli "Loli" Big Lady's Micro Wildrose

Security officer Lisbon

Loli is in charge of the mental health of our project staff in Lisbon. With her calm and friendly character she is the calm down anyone whose pulse is high due to hectic correspondence... But beware, Loli can also be quite a tough one with anything that "belongs to her..."