How to contact us?


Please send requests to address and in order to optimise reception of a prompt offer that matches you expectations it should include at least the following details: group size, travel dates, destination (or at least characteristics on an ideal destination), purpose and objectives of the travel and last but not least available budget.

We have local offices in Barcelona, Madrid and Lisbon. Our local contact details are as follows: 

Diputación 251 ático • 08007 Barcelona • T +34 932720082

Gran Vía 40, 10º • 28013 Madrid • T +34 917692075

Avenida Duque d'Avila 28, 4º • 1000-141 Lisboa • T +351 211912570

Emergency numbers:

Portugal +351 918702080 • Spain +34 678702071

VAT number ESB61797973

Llicencia d'agencia de viatges GC-001808